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Can't open VW2009 files in VW2011

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Played a round a little more: Can't open any old VW files regardless of version. But can import DWG's and PDF's w/o a problem. Program seems to function fine otherwise. Am not experiencing speed problems as others have reported. At least not yet - haven't created a large file yet.

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It's always best to Batch Convert. As a matter of policy we attempt to work on a project in the iteration of VW that a file was created in; this avoids major headaches. If that is not an option, we do two things:

1. Batch Convert the file.

2. Open our Template file & assign the project name # number to the new file.

3. Reference information from the Batch Converted file into the new file & adjust as require, making sure to sever the link between the two files.

4.Delete the Batch Converted file.

In some rare cases we will just use the Batch Converted file (say to share a PDF or make a minor note) but NOT if we are going to spend any significant time on a project file.

This can be a pain in the asterisks to set-up, especially if there are loads of notes in the annotation layer (hope Mr Nemetchek is listening) but it avoids much heartache & non billable time later.

Someday this might work better, but it will likely be the same time when the stairs & windows & other PiO's work like something from the 21st century.

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