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Error when saving a file

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I've had an ongoing issue with both VW 2010 and 2011 on WinXP and Win7 where when I attempt to save a file I get an unable to save file or file is corrupt, save elsewhere error.

A search of the forum turned up other users posting this but not much in the way of solutions.

From playing around, it seems connected to file name length. I am able to save the file when it's renamed with a shorter name, even after getting a "The file is now corrupt on disk" error while trying to save with the longer name. Continuing my confusion, if I navigate to the save location, the file that was reported as being unable to be saved is there. This first started with an older file that was converted and have the new version number tacked on to the existing file name, which made the file name about 45 characters long.

I don't seem to be near the 256/259 character limit for the file name/path in Windows. Does VW have a shorter file path character limit?


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This issue showed up in one of the VW email lists.

Seems like the popular things to try are:

- Make sure you don't move any files in the path while the file is open.

- No spaces in file names; use underscore "_" instead.

- Keep the character-count of the PATH short; this could mean shortening the names of folders, or saving in a directory closer to the root drive.

If you can determine what the issue is, submit a bug.

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have had the same error message using a mac. But generally only in response to a very simple action -

Renaming or moving the original files location while open in VW. as mentioned above, will cause VW to no longer recognise the file and require a "Save As" .


2011 Arch.

Macbook Pro 2.53Ghz

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