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Cutting into Dome shape


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I am creating a Dome shaped building using Vectorworks 2011, I have created the shell using the 3D Hemisphere tool however i want to cut the triangular windows out of the dome.

If anyone knows how i will be able to do this as when i try it will only draw the triangle in 2d plan.

Hope someone can help

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You can use 3d Objects to "Subtract Solid" from other 3d Objects. In the case of the hemisphere (and other parametric objects) you will end up with a non-parametric object. So be sure to get the size and shape correct before Adding/Subtracting Solids. I have attached a very simple example. This was done with an Extruded Triangle which was used to Subtract from the original hemisphere...

It would helpful for us to know which OS and VW's Versions you are running. You can create a Profile with Signature in the MyStuff pulldown, above...

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