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Kiwi Ross

In General - Thanks

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smile.gif" border="0 In General, I would just like to say that 9.5 works well. Sure there is the odd thing or two, but, I do get my work done faster and better, theres lots of neat ways to do things, so I thought instead of these message boards full of negative feedback - it was about time someone said 'thanks' to The Vectorwork people.

Ross from New Zealand

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In Claris CAD on the Mac there was a very handy thing that I used constantly. I still try to use it without thinking because it became so natural.

When an object is duplicated (one copy made) and the copy is dragged to a new location, you can then hold down the Command key and hit the "D" key over and over to place more copies at the same spacing and in the same direction as the first copy.

This eliminates the work of trying to figure out how many copies are needed plus the original, then key & click it all in. Many times that comes out wrong and you have to get rid of or add some.

With my Wish List item you can watch each copy appear and stop when you have enough!

If it is available, how do I use it?

Thanks for giving us most of the functions of Claris CAD and much more!

Nolton from Bend, Oregon smile.gif" border="0

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Nolton from Bend: VectorWorks does what you are asking BUT (and this is a big one) you can't do anything else in between. So, you select an object and hit 'command D' to make a duplicate, the duplicate stays selected. Without de-selecting it, drag it to the EXACT position you want. Then with it still selected hit 'command D' again, and again, and etc. My only problem with this method has to do with accuracy (or lack thereof). If your first copy is placed slightly off, all the rest will be as well. PLC (Ashland, Or.)

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I tried it just like you said but the new copies just piled up on top of the second one. Do you use this method? What am I doing wrong?

Computer: PowerBook G4, 667, 1 Gig, OS 9 = latest, VW = latest version with Mechanical.

Unlike most of my friends I ALWAYS work on a grid and snap to it. The objects in Claris CAD always stepped off perfectly maintaining grid alignment.


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Hey PLC, you're allright! That works just like I need it to, thank you. How about another one? In Claris CAD I was in the habit of putting down any symetrical figure like a square or hex by dragging it from it's center like a "Circle by Radius. This saves a step when you know where the center needs to be. In VW I only know how to do corner to corner.

O.K. now that I think about it, the hex can be set to 4 sides and polygons to circumscribed and it grows a square from it's center. I just tried it. However I'm going to put in an NNA wish for the same choices as for polygons to appear in the mode bar for the 2D Rectangle tool. What do you think?

Here's one that I really miss, the ability to select an object and use an arrow key to move it by one grid snap increment. "Nudge by pixel" doesn't do it for machinery because you loose the exact location gained by using "Grid" and divisions of feet or inches. Can you do that one?

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OK. I do mainly architectural stuff and hardly ever draw with the mouse alone. I use a combination of mouse & keyboard. If you double-click any of the VW tools (rectangle for instance) a dialog will appear. Fill in the appropriate numbers AND set the 'snap-to' point (you could select the center, for example). Then when you click out of the dialog, your next mouse click will place your object.

I only use nudge for inaccurate work. But I use the MOVE command a lot for accuracy. Select an object then hit Command(Control)-M and you will get a dialog. Put in numbers and hit OK.

BTW- we should move this discussion to a more appropriate topic heading. Or if you want you can email me at <cipesp@mind.net>. PLC

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