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Teresa Hull

Render me this, Batman!

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If I try to render in a design layer using WalkThrough:

- Open GL gets a consistently not-rendered-at-all funky look

- Fast RW has some extra reflected-looking bits coming off the bottom of the drawing

- UnShaded Polygon gets an error

If I stay away from any perspective, and just go to a Front View, then use FlyOver to get an angled view, all is good.

What gives?!?!

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Have you checked your rendering settings? OpenGL by default is set to it's lowest settings, Fast Renderworks IS the lowest setting for renderworks.

I'm not surprised your shaded polygon rendering quit. Not with all those trees you have.

What is the final output objective of your walkthrough? OpenGL?

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Thanks for the reply.

RENDER SETTINGS: everything is Default; when not in the walkthru view, OpenGL is faster than Fast Renderworks.

SHADED POLYGON: Actually it was UNshaded polygon ... but nonetheless ...

FINAL OUTPUT OBJECTIVE: any render mode that renders quickly; I am still working with the drawing, so I was just looking for something to show me a fast render so I can check on how things look; I *used to* prefer OpenGL in previous versions of Vectorworks because it was not as sensitive to light sources, so I could just SEE what the geometry looked like, even if there wasn't any light in that area

I guess I'm just more stumped as to why it didn't render accurately AT ALL in Walkthrough, but it did in Flyover (with no perspective).

Perhaps I stumbled upon a workaround for drawings that don't want to render: don't use perspective.

I am going to be awfully disappointed if the final renderings can't be in perspective.

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Hello Teresa:

Can you please email me your file so I can look at why the OpenGL rendering is offset like that?


Edited by Dave Donley

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Thanks for your interest. I invited you to a Dropbox folder that has ZIPs of both the file as it is now, and a backup of the file as it was an hour or so after the screenshots were taken.

If anyone else wants to see, I'll invite you to the Dropbox. The files are a little big, and the uploader choked on attaching them to this.

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Hello again Teresa:

There appears to be a problem when Use Planar Attributes is on in the OpenGL Options. Try turning that off.

The human figure objects are probably the reason for the out of memory issue in the polygon render mode, and general slowness. They render faster in OpenGL when they are not textured, you can try untexturing them to speed OpenGL and RW rendering. Otherwise if you can substitute simple geometry for the figures that will help interactivity. Maybe hide them through classes until the final render...


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I'm not having much trouble when the view is not in perspective. Is the problem with the Use Planar Attributes specific to my drawing, or is that a general rule?

One of the aspects of this drawing is that the human figures are replicating existing bronze statues. Eventually this drawing is all about rendering the landscape and monument lighting. When working with other parts of the drawing, I do have the human figures' class turned off.

I have to admit that this drawing isn't my best piece of work ... it has been a bit of a cobble-together in between other projects.

Thanks for the input!

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