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Silly dimensioning question

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Stella, you can uncheck the "show dimension" box in the object info pallete and then write your own number as a header. We do this a lot when we want to show only feet & inches without fractions. One word of caution: make sure your chains still add up to your total or your builders will laugh (or worse) at you! PLC

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If you don't have alot of dimensions, you can trick the dimension into displaying another number. Of course if you have alot of dimensions, this step would be cumbersome.

Select the dimension. Go to the Obj Info Palette. Remove the check mark from the "Show Dim Value" box. Where it says Leader: or Trailer: , you can type in what you want the dimension to read.

You can leave the Show Dim Value box checkmarked and then in the Trailer box you can put "(5.5)" or something like that. That will show you the real dimension as well as the dimension you want it to read. Some people like to show the real dim as well as the rounded one.

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