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What layers for 3D stuff in site models?

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Have a couple of questions for building site models in Landmark....

Should I put the site modifiers on the DTM, or use a different layer? Seems as if when I click on any portion of the DTM, it selects the entire DTM when site modifiers are there, so I can't edit them. Also, from time to time, I move the entire DTM and not just what I am trying to!

Do plants, hardscapes and landscaper areas require being sent to the DTM surface, or do they "know" to get there?

It seems to me I get different results with single plants and the poly draw/insert planting tool.

Lastly, should site modifiers be poly lines or polygons? I have heard it both ways from experts. And, when I use poly beziers, even if my line shows only 5-6 vertices, I see many more connection points on the underlying TIN network when the model is built. Sometimes, my bezier lines get far too many points, so I have been converting to polygons and simplifying, but its an extra step.

Thanks to anyone who knows these answers.

Lastly, what is the meaning of life? :grin:

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I will go through your questions one by one and get back to you. They require extensive thought.

As for your question regarding the meaning of life that one is easy!

Get a job pay taxes go broke and die!

Oh I'm sure there are other takes on this though.

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LOL. You guys are always so helpful, I thought I would throw out at least one softball......thanks!

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