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Own PIO?s appear in VectorWorks pattern pallet (I am starting to become a Gremlin)

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Can you help me with the following problem. I made a lot of Plug In Objects (PIO). I access them from the menubar. I created a menu entry in the present environment.

Sometimes, when I adjust the menubar, I get the message that a particular PIO is not present in the Plug In Folder. Nevertheless when I check, it is still present and its name is not changed or different. Also when I change or delete PIO's I do that in the PIO editor. I think this behaviour is the cause of the following problem.

With the above menubar active, when I draw a rectangle (for example); choose "Pattern" in the fill pallet; and want to select a pattern in de listbox, I see some of my own PIO's in the pattern pallet instead of the patterns. This also is true for the pen pattern combobox.

I was told that the cause of this error was overwritten VectorWorks code or Palm software. However I installed VectorWorks again, I checked for Palm software (but is not present on any of the computers here). I also reinstalled a whole computer (our operating system is Mac OS 9.2.2 Dutch). Also we use a PC here which uses the same PIO's and there the problem does not occur.

Can you tell me what I have to do to solve this problem? I will appreciate your help very much and I thank you in advance.

I wish you a very nice day.

Friendly greetings,

Sir Dan Fortesque(Chrissy)Email : kristiaan.verberne@skynet.be

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I ultimatelly found the cause of my problems with those PIO objects. With the PIO is everything fine, it is Nemetschek which made a terrible fault.

When you modify your work environment and add a menu and menu items to your menu bar, VectorWorks assigns a menu-ID number to each menu item to identify them.

Before I explain further note that the menu ID's for the pattern pallet are situated between 70 and 75. I checked my own menu entries and not surprisingly they are in this same range. When I change (with ResEdit) the numbers of my own menu entries so they are outside this range, the pattern pallet does work again. Regretfully by doing so I have to change the complete added menu items as well.

About the cause of this problem. It is obviously a very serious programming error. There is nothing a normal user can do to solve this problem. The error can made in two places : or all versions have that and Nemetschek is at stake here, or only the Dutch version have that and the cause is by the people who translated VectorWorks.

In either way despite the responsibility matters, it is an error which may not occur in any circumstances. It proves that VectorWorks has very serious flaws.

And when you read the above carefully you realise why there is no problem on the PC version (because the menu system is very different).

Maybe Nemetschek can pay me for my hard work. In the end I am solving their problem. I get a very good idea why people contact me so much to help them solve a problem.

Any reaction of Nemetschek would be welcome.

In the meantime, I wish you a very nice day and very much pleasure with VectorWorks.

Friendly greetings,

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