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2011 Rulers not tracking

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Is anyone else having trouble with rulers not aligning with actual placement?

In Spotlight if I place a fixture 3'0" SL of centerline I look at the ruler and X coordinate is at -24'8" but in the X coordinate box the data is correct(3'0"). So the rulers just do not appear to be keeping track of where I am in the document.

My 2D and 3D origins have been modified from the default. This was a problem a couple of versions ago, but was working fine in 2010.

Has the Bug returned or am I doing something else stoopid?

Thanks for your help.

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Word on the street is that modifying origin is still a No-No. I have encountered this problem in VW 2011.

If you need the "0,0,0" to be in a different place, move everything else. Don't move the origin.

Just wait until the origin spontaneously reverts to where it began ... Now THAT'S fun!! Just leave the origin where it is.

They should get ride of the "Move Origin" command and shortcuts.

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