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The contours are interpolated - they will not necessarily follow spot heights. Imagine you have a spot height at 10.5 metres and another at 11.5 metres. If you have contours showing every 1 metre of height change, then the contour will work out where the 11 metre line is between these two points. To get contours closer to the spot heights, decrease the contour interval - this will give you more contours, but they will inevitably be closer to your spot heights.

Hope that helps

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hello beanus

well modelling terrain is sometime very painfull.

Picking your example and using 85m line

put more 3d loci with up and down values depending on your terrain like 85,5 and 84,5 (for example) nearby your line.

If i am not being very understandable see file attached :)


p.s. by the way if you have information use the most of it and use curve lines and 3d loci together for most acurate

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