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How to get 2 retangles connected with a rounded bow ?

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Please See attached image,

I have the 2 retangles with a thickness of a few mm but I want them to be 1 single element and the seperate parts should connect with a ) bow that has the same thickness too. how could i do this? im pulling my hair out on how to connect them

Thanks in advanche

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Do the following in a new layer with show/snap others visibility so you don't change what you already have. Enable Unified View in View Menu.

Go to an end view - eg looking at left side of your figure.

Trace over your existing elements if you like:

Draw a 2d poly which has right and left legs leaning towards the center, and a curved segment at top, or Right,Arc,Top, Arc,Left as in your current model. Change modes (press the U key) to toggle from Corner to Arc or Spline or Bez points.

Select your new poly and apply the Offset Tool to make a concentric copy at 2mm offset (or correct thickness). Snap 2 short lines to the end points of the 2 polys. Select all 4 objects and Modify>Compose. Result is a closed poly. Give it a fill color.

Extrude the new poly. Switch to top view and move the extrude into place if nec.

The leg/curve/leg poly described above can instead be Composed from 2 lines and an arc if the Polyline tool is not your choice. Then Offset, connect the ends, extrude as described.

Post back with progress.


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Or if all you want is connecting curves on the existing extrudes:

Switch to end view

Draw an arc (or Bezier, or Spline) snapped to endpoints of left let and top.

Offset by thickness

Draw short lines to connect the end points of the two arcs

Compose the 4 arcs and lines.


Repeat for Right leg to top.


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Thanks for reply.

I tried those, its very hard for me still to make the link to the app based on instructions, another problem is that the shape is like the picture included its not a full arch rather see the image for what i mean, could you provide an example maybe? its one of the last parts i have to fix my drawing.

Thanks for the help!

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