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George Cocea

menu command to toolbar single click execute & tools & tips

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Here is a solution (via QuicKeys) to place/assign a VW menu command on a

QuicKeys toolbar and execute the command with a single mouse click.

For more info see:

? attached 01 VW screen example (this is what my current setup is)

? attached 02 VW qKeys captures

? QuicKeys website: http://www.startly.com/products/quickeys/mac/4/

Other tools & tips

1. Bluetooth keypad

I added this keypad, whose keys I programmed assigned

(via QuicKeys) for ease of entering dimensions with my left hand.

If you prefer a streamlined values (including ft & in markers)

input you may consider this keypad

For more info see:

? http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Cropmark/8337/

? attached 03 bluetooth keypad

2. Arch calculator

It is helpful when I need quick calcs whose values are stored on

tape. The input keys and tape can be minimized for the app to

occupy a small footprint on screen, as it can stay on top of all apps.

For more info see:

? 01 VW screen example

? http://www.cast-db.com/archCalc/

3. iBiz for time tracking & billing

I use this app which fits my needs. If you are looking for such an app

you may want to consider it.

For more info see:

? attached 04 iBiz captures

? http://www.iggsoftware.com/ibiz/index.php

4. Papers - for a digital reference library

Papers offers a clean interface of document organization (currently PDF.)

I use it to organize my VW tips, software & hardware manuals, Building code

references etc. I used to have the setup in finder, however the lack of quick

search & view & navigation & the distraction of the rest of the items in the

finder was an incentive to acquire Papers. The next version coming out in

the next several days looks more promising.

For more info:

? attached 05 Papers capture

? http://www.mekentosj.com/papers/

I hope the above answers some questions for other fellow vectorworkers.

George C.

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Papers looks like iPhoto!

Thanks for sharing.

This is very impressive, and is a creative adaptation of other software. I think the main advantage is that some functions which are buried deep in VW nested dialog boxes are accomplished with a single click. If you need, find and use all these little buttons often, your workflow must be well enhanced.

But, my workflow would not use very much of this, at least not very often, so the location training would be continuous. I already use key commands for many of the buttons. For me, the little icons would be hard to read, hard to remember where they all are, and even harder to hit with the mouse.

Now if the buttons could magnify like the Dock or GenieZoom into a large grid via a key command or mouse button, that would help.

I argue instead for simpler mnative interface, rather than this more detailed customized one. For instance, if I select two 2d objects there are only a few things I could do with them:

Move, Group, Align, Create VP, Create Symbol, Add/Subtract/Intersect Surface, Extrude, Multiple Extrude, EAP, etc. The list is only 10 or 15 items. 3 objects might have a different list. In my fantasy, I select and hover (or some key cmd) and the available options display on a flyout list. Drag down/up to desired action and release. Dialog appears as nec. Buttons and mousing around are minimized or not required. Key commands still apply. (AndiCAD jump in here, please!)


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That's an excellent tip George!! However it leads me automatically to wonder why if QuicKeys can do it why not VWs?! I mean I would definitely want to have tools for extrude, extrude along path etc and add solids, subtract solids etc lying side by side with for example the push/pull tool in that toolbar......Anyone know if it is possible to make triggers with VS? Ie buttons that execute one click keyboard shortcuts?

Edited by Vincent C

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