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Wall Drawing Woes...

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I very simply want to draw some walls and then modify them without every segment coming apart. Why are the resultant wall edges disconnected? I can't find the "Connected Wall Mode" in the list of 2D and 3D selection options. I can't even find it doing a search in the help file, the forums, or Google. I did see it once in the help file, but not by doing a search using its own name.

Help! This should be very easy.

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I did call tech support and received an explicit set of instructions to reinstall the software. I went through the whole process but it did not solve the missing "Connected Wall Mode" button (or choice) with the 2D or 3D Selection tools.

This function would seem to be to utterly basic to design software, and yet it is missing. I have Landmark 2009, but the help file indicates that this is an included feature with Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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Mark, some questions:

- Have you ever had Fundamentals 2009 installed on your computer either as a working or demo version?

- Before you did the reinstall did you remove all of the previous versions components including the 'User Folder'?

- Are you using templates created in earlier versions?

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