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How to measure NURBS curve length?


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I have modelled a french caf? style table in VectorWorks 11, and it worked well. It was a relief to work in VW after struggling with Amapi Pro and Maya. However, when I took the drawing to the metalworker he wanted to know how much metal rod he needed to buy to make the base.

What I would like is for VW to tell me the length of my various NURBS curves (the paths for my extrusions) along the curve. Can it do this? I can't see the feature anywhere, and interogating the curve only seems to deal with curvature.

Please point me in the right direction. Thanks Nick

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In the NURBS curve Properties dialog (not the Object Info Palette), there is a length field that tells you the length. But I think there was a bug in VW11.0 on Mac - and length field may not be showing anything - I may be wrong. On Windows it works.

However you can change 3D conversion resolution to very high or high, convert copy to lines on the NURBS curve, unfroup, select all, compose the lines into a polygon and see the perimeter value of the polygon on the object info palette.

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converting to lines, composing etc. only works on a 2D basis. The procedure gives different results depending on which angle you are viewing the NURBS curve from, and so this rules it out for NURBS with double (non-planar) curvature The 3D polygon option also doesn't seem to have a length option. Is there any chance, that this currently slightly annoying bug will be patched?

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