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Constrain parallel lines?

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I want to draw a 2D wall perimeter such that it is one single object and when I modify the shape it will retain the parallel nature and distance of the inner and outer lines as well as have the vertex connections stay intact.

When I use the "Double-Line Polygon" tool in "Create Lines" mode to draw a closed shape I end up with a collection of line segments that are not related to each other. This makes editing what I would consider one object very problematic.

I have a similar problem when using the same tool in "Create Polygons" mode. It does create a single object, but the inner and outer lines are not constrained by my original distance setting and therefore editing the positions of the verticies is not elegant either. Also, the end points, when connected, don't close the object, but rather just touch and display kind of a cut line.

What is the real way to do this?

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First make sure that "connected wall mode" is enabled (at the top left of the VW window). Then, when you grab a wall and drag it, the connection(s) to adjoining walls will remain intact. Also, I stead of dragging a vertex, try grabbing the wall somewhere along its line.

One of the best ways to learn this (and many other functions and features) is in a new blank file. It allows you to experiment with one simple function at a time in s file with no critical data.

Hope that helps.

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I reset the Vectorworks Preferences and destroyed many hours of settings. Still, the "connected wall mode" choice is nowhere to be seen. "Connected Wall Mode" can't even be found in the help file through direct search. I found it once using some other search, but I can't remember what it was.

I'm sure drawing simple constrained parallel lines is something Vectorworks should be able to do easily.

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