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Multiple Processor Core Support



Multiple processor core support must be something that the decision makers would like to implement. With the resource usage of 2011 it appears this issue has become more important.

I have a Core 2 Duo E8400 CPU @ 3 Ghz with 8 gig of ram and a current generation VCard, but still have some significant wait times and computing resource issues. While the i7 does improve performance per cycle slightly the only way for me to significantly improve processing power appears to be to increase the # of processor cores, however, currently VW doesn't use those additional cores.

Any information on the status of consideration for multiple core support would be appreciated.

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Careful with that upgrade to 2011 taoist. My rig 2 is very slow with VW2011, while it ran 2009 fine. I do think that the added 3D capability is worth it, however, the sooner VW comes into the modern age with multithread processing the better.

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Definitely multi-core support. I'm importing 50 pages of really complex ACAD drawings this afternoon. I'm getting 52% CPU utilization. I estimate that all 50 files will be imported in another couple of hours. I have 1.5 hours into so far. I checked the disk usage and it's not disk-bound, almost nothing is being written to the disk. It's totally CPU bound.

At least as far as the one core it is running on...

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