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Printing rotated text

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Has anyone ever had experience with VW not printing text written at an angle? (except dimensions - angled text does print)Everything else prints fine.

Printing to a HP Designjet from Windows.

using VW Architect Version 9.5.0. frown.gif" border="0

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Katie, I forgot to mention this is an intermittent problem that doesn't occur in all files. The files start out printing rotated text fine only to have this problem occur during the drawing process.

Would you mind if I sent you the file to look at?


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Sureemail it to tech@nemetschek.net

You say this doesn't happen every single time you print?How often does it happen ?Does it happen after you've been working in the program for a while, or right off the bat when launching the program?

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Hi Katie

We have tried updating the printer Driver for the Designjet and amazingly it is printing!

If this starts happening again I will e-mail you the file.

Thank you for your response, it is appreciated.


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