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Versioning and drawing organisation

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We are have been having some problems lately (mainly because everyone does it differently) with version control when exploring options mid way in a project... or a client requires a modification to a consent that means we have to go back and amend and reissue a previously archived file....

Below is a list of options, pros and cons. I would be greatful for any comments, or advice...

Keep in mind one of the tricky things is that this process is often not linear... eg An approval is granted... construction drawings commence... modification to approval is sought.. but construction drawings may continue to develop on original approval.


To provide a frame work in which to structure vectorworks files and layers when exploring various options at the same time and preparing modifications to previous stages (eg Section 96 on a DA)


Ability to know what the current approved file is

Ability to know what the current approved option is

All information is current - without excessive reworking.

Sensible drawing numbers.

Option 1 - Multiple file option.

1. Create a Model file for each stage. For example

* 00_000 Sketch Design.vwx

* 00_000 DA Plans.vwx

* 00_000 CC Plans.vwx

* 00_000 Tender.vwx

* 00_000 Ideas.vwx

When complete each stage the file is archived.

If amendment is required to the DA - then the DA file is copied from archive and a section 96 is created from that file.

For projects where there is more than one file for a job create subfolders for each stage so accidental incorrect referencing does not occur and it is clear which files relate to which stage...

Each drawing has the stage code as a prefix this way if you have an A100 REV A in the DA set and an A100 REV A in the CC set they won't get mixed up. eg DA A100 (a) and CC A100(a)

PRO: you will know what the current file in each set is and what stage they relate to.

CON: lots of drawings and need to copy information from say approved s.96 to const... could end up having to edit two files that have almost the same content.....

Option 2 - The lineal approach / One file

This is ideally what I would like to do but does not work because of the Con below...

After sketch design you start one file... this develops from the stages DD...DA...CD.... s96... CO....The section 96 just based on the current set at a point in time?...After a lodgement is made the the set is archived... If need overlay to show the previous approved then just DLVP reference the archived approved DA set. The s.96 is just another linear revision..

If you want to explore an option then you do this in a separate file - you could reference DLVP from the current file... present on a sketch design title block....

PRO: Simple as only one series of drawing numbers.... easy to understand... only one set of current drawing files... only one set of current drawing sheet files

CONS: What if s96 is off line to the current documentation path..... what if amending drawings contain different info - or different info is required in annotations.....what if after lodgement of the 96 further DD is done of construction set - but then amendments need to be done OR construction set does not reflect the proposed changes of the s96 set......

OPTION 3 - One file multiple layers

This is commonly what is done now..... except files are given suffix which makes it hard to distingish...

One file: when options are explored create that part on a new layer, then create a new drawing sheet that references the new layer / new annotations

PRO: Only one set of drawing files - so all together. If change is only in one area then only one additional layer is created

Each drawing has the stage code as a preffix eg DA_A100 this way if you have an A100 REV A in the DA set and an A100 REV A in the CC set they won't get mixed up.

CONS: Each drawing has lots of layers and lots of drawing sheets - difficult to manage as not tree outline of layers - files become VERY large.... if exploring options difficult to determine what is the current option as hard to archive old options

Current option includes:

Multiple Sheet layers - with the sheet layer numbering having a prefix or suffix.... this allows for different information on the drawing sheet such as previous approval underlay, additional notes or annotations that more closely relate to the approved drawings...

In all options

Create the following subfolders....so that current, options / sketch design and archived (ss) drawings are clearly separated....




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