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2011 Cinema 4D Export

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i'm still on vectorworks 2010, so I ask you a favour. If you have vectorworks 2011 and cinema 4D, could you tell me (and, if it's possible, show me with a screenshot of cinema 4d) how the 3D model appear in cinema 4d?

I explain better:

-is it triangulated?

-how are exported floors generated from curved polylines, or with "holes"?

-how does symbols appear?

Thank you, i'm evaluating the switch to 2011 and i want to understand if it really worth.

sorry for my english


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They are triangulated.

Floors are polygon objects.

Symbols appear as null object groups, with children if you have instances.

I've yet to have a problem with a bad translation of a file between c4d and VW2011.

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Some things that make the Export to C4d that is now part of VW2011 for my point of view unusable (hopefully only for now):

- The new "Send to C4d" Command throws, witout any information or chance to interact, a kryptic named File in the Programm folder of Cinema 4d !!!!!!! (I've not seen something like this since the days of DOS)....

_ Symbols are exported as Groups with instances (as Grant states) but if you have this Symbol in your File slightly rotated or on different hights you get an extra group for each time the Symbol is used in the VW File.

- due to this, you get a bazillion of Groups each with a deep Stucture of Subgroups.

Example, If you have Seating Layout on a Tribune with 12 Rows of 20 Chairs, the First Row of the Chair Symbols is represented by Insances.

The other 220 Chairs appear as 220 Groups!

- Cameras are not exported

There are some good Points

- the Polygons are exported with UVW Tags, (hopefully we can once get benefit from that)

- Maxon still supplies an export plugin that Exports symbols

and produces a reasonable (and 10 times smaller) File-structure

- you can do a lot of rendering inside VW because of the C4D render engine.

I would say: get the Trial ....

Edited by Horst M.

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Thank you all! So the export method has to be improved, as i understand. I find very strange that the supplied export plugin from maxon is better than the integrated vectorworks plugin! Maybe the maxon one is more recent and will be integrated with the next update in vectorworks? I hope so.

You're right Horst M., i'll get the trial...

Thanks again


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