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Locating Objects which cause Program Crashing


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Not certain why my program is crashing today! Over 21 times now......thats three minutes per crash at minimum.....This SUCKS! Importing objects or symbols from old files should be simple and certainly a much desired function.

How do I determine which objects or symbols are causing crashing??


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The only way I know of is process of elimination. Save a copy of your file under a new name as a test file. In the test file, delete half the layers or half the classes. If your crashes stop the offending object is in the layers/classes you deleted. If not, choose revert from the File menu and delete the other half of the layers or classes. Keep repeating until you begin to narrow down where the object is.

It can take a while, but I have found offending objects this way.


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Culling the herd = tried and true method ... but vey time consuming.

First, take a look at > Legacy Objects via Workspace Editor.

Then isolate PIO > Symbols as described by Kevin.

Also .. keeping in mind that multiple crashes are really hard on the file structure.

A simple glitch can mutate into a cluster f%#k.

When all else fails ... go skiing : )

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