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Licences for vectorworks


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Hi, i have the student edition, and have been having problems with my computer. I've already installed VW on 2 machines, but am thinking I'd like to remove it from at least one of these, and put it on another, new laptop. I would only actually want it on one machine..... but i know there is some limitaion on how many times i can install it. What happens if you've wasted a go on a laptop you don't want to keep? And if my new laptop was a mac, (previously they've been pcs) would that make a difference? Thanks

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Aloha, Sophie:

Mac is the only computer I have ever used! If you ask me, YES highly recommended?most Mac users will give you similar answer.

That said there are many VW users use PC. Ultimately, it comes to personal preferences, cost and how much time you are willing to devote maintaining the computer after you purchased it.

To truly compare their specs. the computers must be tested against a known benchmark. You probably will find comparison charts if you goggle it.

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