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Rearange Folders in Resource Browser?


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I want to know how to change the order of folders that I view in the Resource Browser.

Using VW2010 Spotlight.

Starting with my company template which has many symbol folders I have an empty folder called "Current Show"

I move various symbols from other folders into this one that are relative to the current project I'm working on.

Last year this folder was at the very top of the list, but one of our associates updated our template, and now it's much further down on the list, and I can't find any way to reorder the folders.

There has to be a way to change the order of the folders?


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OK when I "view as list" I can perform the action you describe, but all it does is switch the order from "top to bottom" to "bottom to top" that doesn't actually change the order of the folders, but once I change back to view as objects it goes back to the previous view.

There has to be a way to do this.

How does VW decide the order?

Can anyone from Nemetschek chime in?

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I think your only recourse is to rename your folders. Add a number to the front of the folder names to set the order to your liking, or add a series of blanks to select folder names to elevate them in the sorting order. There is no way to drag them into the order of your choosing.



Thanks Raymond,

Unfortunately that doesn't help. I've tried renaming, but the folders are not sorting alphabetically so adding a number to the front doesn't do anything. I'd be happy with that if it worked.

I am curious if anyone knows how the folders hierarchy themselves. Since they aren't alpha-numeric what are they?

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Sure, I am a moderator and I am responding.

But I am also just a user like yourself. I do not work for NNA nor do most of the other moderators. This is a user-to-user help forum that occasionally has a person from Vectorworks pop up.

If you want a definitive Nemetschek Vectorworks answer, you need to contact Tech Support directly either by email or phone. Just posting here is unlikely to get the response you want.

Please add the version of VW to your signature.

I just tried in VW2011 and even in icon view the symbols folders sort by name. When I add a new folder it drops into the correct place in the hierarchy.

I do not know of any way to change the order other than by changing the name.

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Thanks Pat,

I noted VW Spotlight 2010 in my original post. I wonder is this another example of Nemetchek adding a feature to the new release rather than updating an older verion.

I'll email tech support, but if the answer is to buy 2011 I'll pass.

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Oh lame ass VW.

It's the capitalization that's screwing everything up. Some folders where renamed in all caps. So it sorts by folders in all caps first, then a folder without all caps, regardless of spelling.

Very frustrating. I'm renaming everything now, and it is sorting correctly.

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No option, it just handled it on its own.

Are you using special characters? '_' '~' or spaces to control position?

I created folders out of order named 1,2,a,b,c,d, and the numerically named folders are listed first, in numerical order and the alpha ones in alphabetical order, either in list view or thumbnail. Again, though I have listed the names in sorted order, I did not create them that way.

Not sure why you have this issue now. Is it the same on all machines you have tried? I don't see anywhere to change this option.

May be time to contact NV tech support.

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