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2D or not 2D - that is the question

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I just purchased EazyDraw for my son for 15$ from Apple's app-store.

Not exactly the greatest interface, but for 15$ he gets a lot more 2D features than I did from my recent 1500$ VW upgrade. Loads of them, in fact. He also gets far more advanced text features.

I have been wishing for true 2D bezier curves in VW for years now, thinking, that perhaps this is too advanced for Nemetschek to grant - and then I get it thrown in my face from some backyard company for almost nothing. That's kinda rubbing it in...

So dear Nemetschek: In your quest to satisfy the complex needs of building designers, perhaps you have forgotten, that most ideas start out in 2 dimensions and have to be presented for clients in 2 dimensions.

If so, it is never too late to correct. Still love you, bye the way.

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Hi Rossford

You know, the ones with handles atttached to the bezier vertices.

It makes a huge difference in the ability to control the shape of the curve.

Actually a program like Solidthinking also offers handles on 3D nurbs curves, whereas VW only offers 'weighting'. But even with weighting, you can create shapes using nurbs curves in VW, that you cannot replicate with any 2D tool.

That should give a hint on, how basic the 2D toolkit in VW has become.

Aside from all the working plane/screenplane/layerplane confusion, I can hardly remember when the 2D toolkit was last updated.

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I actually prefer the way VW handles bezier curves. They are easier to edit/reshape for me. When I'm in Illustrator and I zoom way in on a curve, the reshape handles are off the screen and I have to zoom out to use them. VW let's me zoom in much closer to reshape at a much finer level. I feel like I have a lot more control reshaping in VW than Illustrator.

Of course, I may be doing it wrong in Illustrator. Wouldn't be the first time.


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I don't use Illustrator, so I guess I have simply adjusted to the way VW works and have little trouble.

If I had any requests for Bezier, it would be to grab a group of 2D polys (which I use as contour lines) and stretch them evenly as a group from one end, so I could adjust my contours to the space.

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What, it cannot be done?

I use the polyline with the cubic spline point mode all the time to trace over existing street curves and can match it fairly easy. I will accept that it takes a bit of practice to get used to the tool but once you figure out how it works, you can draw and modify any type of curve, specially using the cubic spline which adjusts to the edge of the curve and is always tangent to the previous curve.

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Yup, it cannot be done. In illustrator it takes two bezier control points to create a perfect egg. In VW it takes at least 6 to get an approximation.

The perfect egg is recognized as an off center cross-section of a torus.

Here i put a 2D approximation side by side with a nurbs curve cross-section of a torus. If you cover the perfect egg with a hand, the other does not look too bad. Uncover it and it looks just wrong in comparison:


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