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SDK Here I come!


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Guest Mark Flamer

I have decided to start working with the SDK. VS is to limiting for the projects I am working on. It appears that some serious changes and additions have been made for 2011. I understand the VCOM is a new OO model for plug-in development. I also see that VWFC provides OO wrappers for older SDK calls. I was browsing the VWDev page last night and then again this morning and I swear Vlado added some new content while I was sleeping, so it appears the documentation is still a work in progress. This is all very exciting. What I'm having trouble grasping is what is new and what is the older depreciated part of the SDK. What are the ISDK calls and how do they relate to VWFC? Can someone give me a quick rundown on the different sections and folders in the SDK? Thanks.

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Guest Mark Flamer

Another question. I'm not having any luck with debuging from VS2005 while using VCOM plug-in modules. Vectorworks launches but it appears to be independant of VS. Is it not possible to debug this way with VCOM? Thanks alot.

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Can't help you with the Windowsy stuff, but here's how I'm getting it:

- If you see a GS_Foo(gCBP,...) call, that's deprecated.

- New-style calls are gSDK->Foo(...) ... basically a method call on an object that's a big ball of SDK stuff. gSDK is a global instance of the ISDK class that gets defined by the boilerplate in plugin_main().

- The VWFC classes that Vlado has put together wrap up a lot of the side stuff (files, dialogs, folders on disk, etc) into an OO interface. The cpp source for these is in the 2011 sdk distribution (see $SDK_ROOT/SDKLib/VWFC/Sources); you can see that as of VW2011 these are just thin wrappers around old GS_Foo() calls.

For what it's worth, I'm writing a basic (Mac) tutorial at http://ryanmccuaig.net right now. May be a month or two before I'm done, but I'm trying to keep it basic.

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