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2011 Crashes

Jim Terry

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I have a full up to date 2011 running on XP Pro that is fully updated.

The crashes I have experienced are legion. I have never had a VW edition crash like this one. I have to save like avery 30 seconds because I don't know when the next will happen.

It not only occurs on my desk top but on my laptop as well.

All drawings all the time.

Work arounds have included deleting the xml and lck files after the crash. This seems to give me a little more time.

Of course tech support is closed until Monday.

If I had my 10 disk here I would downgrade.


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I do not know it this will help, but I have had similar crash problems. Turning off the Lightwright exchange is the quick fix. I I was told by Kevin the problem is with symbols that have some how been saved as a lighting device within the symbol. He did have a script that fixed it, and said later service packs will address the issue. I still have occasional problems with SP2 even with the installed version of Quicktime. I am not sure if this is the same issue as you are dealing with.

Steve Ross

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I think that cuts closer to my problem than anything else. My symbols folder is a hodge podge of self created stuff and adapted stuff that has been with me since .mcd days. I think one of these days, I'll have to go into that folder and purge what I don't need (Studio Spot?????) and just redo all the ones that I use all the time.

Not sure, though, why turning off Lightwright exchange solves the problem temporarily. Did not have this problem at all in 10.

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I've had occasional problems with old symbols - created in VW 9, 10, 11, 12, '08, etc. (mostly my own, but occasionally a stock symbol) - causing problems like debilitating lags and crashes.

Deleting the offending symbol or replacing the offending geometry in the symbol immediately made the program happy.

Usually the problem was self-intersecting geometry (like a sweep or EAP) in the symbol that, perhaps, was tolerated in an earlier version but not in 2010 or 2011 (when these issues started coming up for me).

Not sure what to make about Lightwright exchange solving the problem temporarily....

good luck


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Duplicate the file.

In the duplicated file - from the resource browser, delete one symbol at a time (starting with the accessories) and choose delete every instance of this symbol.

After each deletion do whatever makes it crash. For me it's usually zooming or fly over.

Rinse and repeat until you find it....

Good luck


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This definitely sounds like the lighting device-within-a-symbol problem. It's not directly related to Data Exchange, but it tends to be triggered whenever instruments are refreshed. It can happen if place a light on the plot using the instrument insertion tool, and then later select that light/lighting device and make a symbol out of it.

What I wish I could remember is if SP3 for VW2011 fixes this. SP3 was released just a few days ago, if you haven't installed it yet you should do so ASAP.

If SP3 doesn't fix it, the only cure is to find the symbol that has a lighting device contained within it and delete all instances of it from your drawing.

Good luck!

- John

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Hi Jim, this has happened with me also, most notably when I was using focus points with duplicate array. I lost several hours, always got to about the same point, when the file would crash. it would get to the point where all I would try to do is move one fixture and it would crash.

out of desperation, I thought "maybe if I just go do something different for a while, it may clear up". and it did. I can't remember what exactly I did, but something in a viewport I think. I also stopped using duplicate array with focus points and with fixtures that were focused already, and that seemed to help.

That problem was on a file imported from autocad; yesterday I had a file that originated in VW 2010 and did a (limited) amount of focus points by click/drag duplication and had no problem.

I also need to scour my symbol folder - years and many rev's worth of symbols floating around in there.


Tim O

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