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Different Spread Sheet Question

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I've been asked to research using spread sheets to help with a merchandizing project that has been assigned to me. Hopefully someone here can help (I've been reviewing the VW Help library, but it's not terribly helpful).

The desired outcome of this is to be able to account for the total number of retail fixtures in a project file with additional pieces of information that is unique to each type of symbol in the spread sheet. In the end I'll need a spreadsheet that from left to right looks like this:

Info A; Symbol Name; Info B; Info C; Number of Symbol Instances in the Project

Now, I've been able to go into a duplicate master library file and start experimenting. So far I've been able create the Record Formats, (obviously) create the symbols, add the Record Field Defaults. From here I have been successful in creating a "Report," but the formatting isn't quite how I need it. I did try starting from creating and editing a "Worksheet," from scratch, but populating the worksheet wasn't happening. For whatever reason, I found that if I right-click on the left row, select Database, edit criteria to be "Type is symbols," I get a readout that say my 3 test symbols "meet the criteria." Once I click okay, nothing happens. I don't understand how get the data to appear on the spreadsheet this way, or how to manipulate the spreadsheet to show what I need it to.

Are there any resources that someone can point me to in order to better understand how to generate these worksheets? This is something I need to eventually have a firm grasp on, so any help would be appreciated.


p.s. I should add that I think we will be developing a Symbol library for a team of about 4 to be accessing. I'm noticing that the worksheet I created in one document stays in the resource browser when I open a fresh document. Does this mean I can set up one master worksheet that can just be dragged into the current document?

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Yep. It's very possible. It's what makes VW so powerful for projects like this.

It's not clear from your post whether each instance of each symbol will have it's own unique data, or if each type of symbol will have identical data....

You'll want to create a database. Right click on a row header and choose "database"

For the criteria choose something like Record _______ is Present, or use a class for the symbols, etc.

Then in the database header (the row with the integer row heading) enter what you want each column to be. You can create your own by selecting a symbol in the drawing, then clicking into a cell, then click the triangle in the worksheet and choose "Paste Function", then pick a function, then "Paste Criteria" and pick a critera.

The paste functions will enter commands into the database header row. The functions available tend to not be comprehensive, so I've found it easier to just enter what I want directly into the database header.

I'll attach a couple examples you can take apart to see how they work. -1 is an example if all the data is unique. -2 is an example with identical data for each type of fixture. Each will have a "database" worksheet that just shows raw data. In -1 you can enter data directly into the database and watch it appear in the drawing.

And, yes, the worksheets, symbols, and record formats all live in the resource browser. You only have to do this once and you can then import them into any other drawing.

I agree about the documentation for worksheets - not super helpful. But once you get the knack of it, it's a huge productivity booster.

Let us know if you get stuck.


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I'm working with the original poster, lineweight, on this project & really appreciate your help. Based on the examples you've provided I've almost got a system set up how we need it.

My remaining question is on RetailFixtures-2 file how did you get the Fixtures Report worksheet to only list each fixture (of which there all multiples) only once. I compare the Database Worksheet, that lists each one separately, vs. the Fixtures Worksheet and can't tell where the difference is in the worksheet setup. The setup for each looks the same, but the result is clearly different. How'd you get it to list each fixture/symbol type only once on the Fixture Report worksheet?


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Click on the little triangle and choose Database Headers.

Row 4 (with a diamond next to it) appears.

Click on the row header and you will see the Sum tile Pat mentioned in the B column header. You can drag it around or drag a new sum from the tile "garage" above the A column.

Then close the database headers again...



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