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It is possible that your original object is not closed or consists of groups or symbols. The shell action might not return as you expect.

Post a screen shot to show what is happening.

To add a file to your post:

Click the Switch to Full Reply Screen button (below text area).

Then click the File Manager link near bottom of window.

Click "Choose File" then navigate to the screen shot and select it.

Click "Add File".

Click "Done adding files".


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It has nothing to do with my object, i just created a standard shape with 3d tools but when i want to shell i can only select one side and that side will become a hole, the others sites are shelled, just what the shell tool is supposed to do. But i would like to thicken every side of my 3d shape. Btw i can't even select all the sides of the objects

Also when i create a shpere it is impossible to give it thickness.

It would be sad if you could give thickness to a complicated shape without having to select every single face...


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The shell tool is apparently not working for your object, or at least for all of your object.

Perhaps some solid subtraction technique can work?

Or separate the complex object into simpler components, shell the components and add the shells together?

Or create a new object to cover the face left out of the shell?

Checkmark the Tangent Faces option in the Shell dialog box?

For the Sphere, duplicate it in place and add desired shell thickness to the radius of the new one. Select both spheres then Model>Subtract Solids. Click the Front/Back arrows to highlight outer Sphere. Press Return (Mac) or Enter (Windows).


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