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VW 2011 - User Files over Network

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we have been using 2011 for several months now and have found opening the program and other commands are extremely slow. For example when first opening the program it take 3-5 minutes to start up.

We have been using user folders & shared library's over the LAN on a shared network computer. Once we deleted the links & pointers from the VW Preferences User Folders, the program sped up immensely.

We have used the same setup with 2010 without any real issues????

Not sure if we have a server issue or if 2011 is more dependent on the User files and therefore slower since it is accessing them across the LAN or not???? Any Suggestions????

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The thing that I have noticed which can bog start up is the size of resource files listed as "favorites". If a user at one of our offices mistakenly tries to open up their preferences from a computer in our 2nd office (in another state), they can wait forever until the favorite files load in properly. Once they are removed, there doesn't seem to be as much of a problem.

hope this helps.


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