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Viewport within a viewport

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I'm still using VW Arch 2008. Plan on upgrading to current and switching to the subscription model within a few months.

Until then a question: Is there a way to create a viewport from within a section viewport?

I need to be able to print molding details within my print set. The sheet shows a side profile of the molding in question, the side of the cabinet, etc. with dimensions showing the rise and projection of the moldings.

I create my section viewports and put them on the appropriate sheets. The moldings are plainly visible. I then create a detail viewport from the section viewport. I can get what I want, but only if it displays in wireframe. Once I try hidden line, the objects in the drawing BEHIND my section fill in and block the view. I know it must be simple. I've tried the different settings for foreground and background rendering, all to no avail. I don't understand how objects behind the section are blocking the view of something in front of the section.

Currently, I'm simply pasting in molding profiles and dimensioning those. The problem arises when a client wants to change the molding. I have to now go back and delete the old molding and paste a new one in and re-dimension. It would sure be easier if I only had to update the viewport in question and re-dimension the annotations.

What am I doing wrong?

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If I understand correctly I would try the this:

Create the detail viewport as you are doing.

In the OIP turn off all the classes except the classes used to create the moulding class and the section style classes (this will include the class for your Path and Profile when creating the EAP)

Rather than dimension the profile you could try to place a dimensional grid behind in as an annotation - much like an appliance parts website does - might do the trick.

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BCD, your method worked. I simply turn visibility off for all classes in the view path. Thanks! I should've been able to figure that out on my own! I'm not clear what you mean about a dimensional grid. Sounds interesting.

Peter, it is a section viewport. Sections don't have editable crops do they, or am I missing something?

I appreciate the help guys!

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You may not see a crop outline because the section viewport was created without a crop object.

If you double-click the section viewport and select Edit Crop, you can then create a new crop right there, moving it around as preferred. When you exit Edit Crop the new crop will be effective and showing only the portions you wanted.

Dan J.

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