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file size ballooning

Tom G.

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The file in the backup folder is compressed and much smaller than the actual file. (the file I'm currently working on is 93 mb and it's back up is 12 mb).

In my experience, 113 mb isn't unusually large. 150 mb is pretty common. 200 or 300 mb files can be seen on larger projects.

It does take longer to save a larger file, but if the program is lagging that may be something other than the file size.



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Thanks, mk, I think you are right about this. I tested the size of an older file that I'd uploaded to offsite storage and it was 82 mb so I don't think I've got a real concern. I did freak a little with the odd behavior of the spinning ball but the following day found the file quite usable with one weird exception: As I type out text, it dissapears or jumps to the side changing to a smaller font size, but then appears correctly if I quit text or do some other primary action.


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