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3d drafting

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I am venturing into the world of 3d with Vectorworks,

I have a fair amount of experience with 3d in AutoCAD but I am running into some very interesting problems that I can't wrap my head around. I am trying to construct a 3d theatre from the ground plan that is already in Vectorworks. In auto cad if you view a 2d drawing in isometric mode you will usually see all layers in iso. Now when I look at anything in an iso view only the current layer is in iso while all other layers remain in plan view. So my first question is: is there any way to link layers for viewing? Also I don't seem to be able to adjust the Z coordinates on all objects. For example if there is a pipe on the ground plan that I want to be 20' in the air why shouldn't I be able to look at the object info of that object any object and change the z coordinates? I only seem to be given that option on some types of objects. Also on the objects that do give me that option, if I select them all, the object info pallet removes my option to change the Z coordinates. Shouldn't I be able to change them globally?

Any clues would be apreciated

Tlaloc Lopez-WatermannLighting Fellow Arena Stage

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As for the iso.s, when you have any active layer in any view (isometric, perspective, plan, whatever), select Align Layer Views under the View menu. This will change all of your layers to the same view as the active one.

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I'd also suggest layer linking. The explanations given to me by the manual and by colleagues didn't help, so, in short:A layer link is a non-modifiable yet repositionable representation of all the objects on a different chosen layer. If you have one layer that contains links of your other layers, you can effectively view the _contents_ of all other layers without changing the views or contents of the layers themselves.

I also come from an AutoCAD 3D background. As for inconsistency of object manipulation, you'll have to learn how to work around the character and intended use of different types of objects. You'll notice, for example, that lines are not 3D objects, unlike AutoCAD in which EVERYTHING exists in 3D space. VectorWorks is a 2D program, with a 3D component that gives representations of many 2D objects. Although the data is related, don't consider the two environments to exist at the same time.

Hope this helps the transition.

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