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Revision Cloud Again??


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so, upon inserting a revision cloud program locks up and I get a message in the top of the menu bar "program not responding" I know this has been an issue with previous versions, however I am not finding a solution in the forums for this most recent in Vectorworks 2011 (SP2). quite frustrating when you spend hours on somethign that should take two minutes......I'm beginning to think after 10 years of use that vectorworks is poor platform......please prove otherwise!

Brand new computer system.......

ZT Systems

Windows 7 Home Premium

Intel Core i7 CPU 950@3.07 GHz

12.0 GB RAM

64 Bit Operating System

thanks for any input -

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The RevisionCloud Procedure is parametric ...therefore requires a specific

sequence of input events in order to produce the desired modifiable outcomes.

Any violation of the methodology will either wait, stop or loop the process.

Sooner or later everyone experiences similar issues with one or more of the many parametric tools.

Usually, the easiest solution is to utilize the current version's Help Resources

in order to review the proven input methodology for the offending procedure(s).

If this fails to resolve the problem, then look to the active/ dynamic file structure.

Often I have found that a simple Save & Relaunch will right an otherwise sinking ship : )

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