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Apple Aperture like unified desktop

Andrew Davies


Hello -

I would so like to see a unified workspace (if that is what you call it), so that all tool bars, drawing areas are held within the same area.

I work a lot with Aperture, an it is like a breath of fresh air. So many times I come back to Vectorworks and have to spend a few minutes moving toolbars around that have been hidden behind windows etc.

Please Nemetschek. Surely we are due an upgrade that is a bit more radical. The VW UI hasn't been updated for YEARS!

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I was possibly enhancing the stats but more to the point I was dismissing any criticisms based on people missing floating palettes because a unified window wouldn't preclude this.

Same again with keeping multiple files open. A unified window doesn't preclude opening multiple files. Nor even tearing them off into separate windows, as you can with Safari for example.

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Don't worry "C", i'm not knocking the concept, i just don't see enough time in R&D being spent on making a unified interface TRUELY functional for both sides of the fence(going on the amount spent on getting all those "Niggley" old pet hates everyone keeps moaning about that are STILL there today.

If, and it's a BIG IF, it could offer the BEST of both worlds, then maybe it'd be OK, but NV would need to Listen first to everyones needs on both sides, then act, instead of giving us what they think works, then having to deal with what we're given. Start including everyone, all users in the project.

i do use some UI's, but find most of them pointless studies in "Pretty", but not "Functional".

Great potential, but not really practical. Not to say i wont' give it a go, but it HAS to be really really good.

Besides, i like to be able to see notes, calcs, data prepped in other Apps so i can use them while working in VW, without needing to Cmd/Tab through them to see what right now i can see without Mouse Miles or Shortcuts . . . . . . .

As long as there's the option to literally go back to the Old GUI if it turns out to be crud, i'll have a stab at it.


P.S. sorry to all for the previous double post! Ooooops! :whistle: :confused:

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