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Cyc Light Z problem

Mike Locke

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It seems like I can repeat my problem, so I'll throw it out here to the forum and to support. I've had problems with the Altman Sky Cyc 3 symbol, and it seems to be consistent.

1. Open a new doc.

2. Import from Objects-Entertainment>Lighting-Altman the SKY-CYC-03 symbol.

3. Import a lighting position or create one. Give it a Z height. It doesn't seem to matter what that height is. Name the position as well.

4. Insert SKY-CYC-03 with the Inst Insertion tool on the lighting position. Check that it has attached to the lighting position in OIP.

5. Select each of the 3 parts one by one and check their Z value. I get one at the position height, one at double the height and one at triple the height.

Do others have the same problem? Is this a setting I have screwy? Also, when I try to change the height of all three at once it doesn't take.

Thanks for the help.


Vectorworks 2011 SP2

PC: Windows 7 64-bit

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There are two annoying multi circuit issues that started in 2011:

1. Duplicating a multi circuit unit makes the duplicate fly apart and nothing can restore it.

2. I haven't had the same problem moving multi circuit lights, but I've found that you need to refresh the screen after you drag a multi circuit unit.

Lately I've been creating every single multi circuit light one at a time. Disappointing, since it used to work in 2010.

I'm hoping that this and the accessory bug gets fixed for the next service pack.

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I have found that you cannot duplicate a multi-circuit; that I must add it from the resource browser each time.

More important, is that I learned that I must reposition any multi-circuit by only dragging around one piece of it. If I drag all parts of it it will explode into the far reaches of the drawing. It took a long time to get used to.

One other thing, if you want to distribute multi-circuit fixtures in a space, or other tools like that, it's important, again, to only select one of the symbols in each of the multi-circuit.

Personally, I find this counter-intuitive. FWIW

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