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I would like to buy a RAID Network Attached Storage. Are there any users out there that can share their experience? I've been considering a Synology DS710+ and just want to make sure that I don't run into problems with my VW files on the network.

I had bad experience with a LaCie Gigabit attached drive and swore I will not go back to LaCie.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi, I've been using the 4-bay Synology 414 NAS for about 5 years. 

Created project folders on the NAS and then mapped them as drives on my PC Desktop (cat5) and Notebook (wireless). 

Also put a VW Resources folder on the NAS so both machines link to the same folder. Configure that in VW Preferences. 

Been very pleased. 

At times, the notebook via wireless felt sluggish. Switched to a Synology router and have not had that issue since.
The NAS has two RJ-45 network ports. If you have a managed switch (which I'm considering) it is supposed to eliminate data traffic bottlenecks...I think. 


Synology also has an app called Drive which works similar to Dropbox. 
This is handy for current projects that I can sync to my notebook and take it on the road and have access to the data on the notebook. 


If you're looking to buy, get the Plus Series: https://www.synology.com/en-us/products/series/plus


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