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Vectorworks Abbreviations' Glossary

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It strikes me that the oft used abbreviations stymie a new user's understanding of the software, and a search of the Help system returns a null result.

In the spirit of JA I'd like to expose some of them. Please feel free to augment the list.



OIP - Object Information Palette

RB - Resource Browser

NP - Navigation Palette

EAP - Extrude Along Path

PIO - Plug In Object

WP - Working Plane

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I confess, that i had to do a google search on that oftenused

HTH - Happy to Help

but may be it means Hope that Helps

I did a Google search on "Yawza!" as well.... ;-)))

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VW, VW's,VWs, VWX = Vectorworks

VWA = Vectorworks Architect

VWLM, LM = Vectorworks Landmark

RW = Renderworks (rendering)

OGL = Open GL (rendering)

FQRW = Final Quality Renderworks (render mode)

HL = Hidden LIne (render mode)

NemV (NNA) = Nemetschek Vectorworks (formerly Nemetschek North America)

aaarg so many more


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DLSVP = Design Layer Section ViewPort

SLSVP = Sheet Layer Section ViewPort



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