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folding-sliding doors


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I've been trying to make folding sliding doors with the custom door tool. Folding sliding doors are usually an odd number of folding concertina-type doors that slide away neatly to the side walls. The door tool allows me to make bi-parting glazed leafs that fold away, and they're quite good. Any number above two is not permitted, and the only way to get the nine-leaf unit that I need is as a window object, but this won't show as open, which I require for the presentation.

Is there a way 1) to edit a custom door arrangement (not that I can see) 2) to decompose the window object and treat it as a symbol or 3) do I have to go back to creating a symbol from scratch?

Thanks to anyone who can help


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Have you tried cmd K to convert your window to a group, it works afik for any pio or symbol, you can then go ahead and make your changes and save it as a symbol.

Also: you'll need to be in a view other than Top/Plan to obtain the 3d components. With Top/Plan you will only get the 2d representation.

If you do both you can align and select both when creating your symbol to create your own hybrid symbol.

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Here's how I would do it: first, use a cased opening to define the wall cut. Next, make one pair of doors using the door tool and place them (not inserted into wall) into position. Then duplicate as many as you need. Then group all door panels together or create a symbol from them. It's not perfect, but it works...

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You should check out Windoor from Ozcad. This will do what you are looking for you. We use Windoor for all our doors and windows in Vectorworks as it is a far superior and more flexible than the standard PIO tools. It should pay for itself very quickly in saving a lot of time.

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You can also use kind of a combination of bcd's and CipesDesign and use the door tool to create the cased opening, figure out the individual leaf size for the number to fit in the door (even divide tool) and make one door with the leaf parameters you want, convert to group, get rid of jambs and frame, group, duplicate and position in the RO and then create a symbol.

You can create and use other sliding and/or folding doors with the same leaf size off to the side as templates to help you position the leafs like you want and then get rid of them before you create the new symbol.

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Hi manfredi,On my point of view odd number even number that does not matter.If you like and door fits and its quality good, then everything is right.By the way sliding-bifold-doors.co.uk provides attractive bifold doors in a very cheap price. I saw that was very good quality also.

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