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Rendering doesn't work all of a sudden


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Vectorworks 2010 with Rendering works. Windows 7.

After working with a large file for several weeks, all of a sudden rendering has quit working, including open GL. This is a problem with the file, not VW. Earlier backups of the same file are fine. I've also tried the file on another computer.

If anyone has an idea of how to fix this, it would save me from going to a backup file and searching for everything that has changed.

The current file is fine in wireframe. All of the information seems to be there. When I render in any mode, its a blank screen although I can still select the "invisible" objects on the screen.

Thank God for backups every 10 minutes. At least it minimizes the damage.

BTW, the file is a set design for "The Odd Couple".


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A horrible but fast solution that might work is to turn all the layers & classes on, unlock everything, Copy all and past into a new document.

It's worth a try, and it might be easier that recreating the changes.

I'd do this, pasting into a single layer, and if this works then go ahead and do it layer by layer.

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