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linear length for 3D poly

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Is there any way easily to get the linear length of one leg of a 3D poly without using the dimension tool? I don't see it in the OIP... or anywhere else.

Many thanks ?Michael

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There used to be a way to invoke a dialog called Object Properties, or something like that, but I can't find it now. Maybe not in new versions. That shows length of 3d poly - whole thing, not leg by leg.

Here is a totally stupid workaround. Duplicate Along a Path command shows the path length in its dialog box:

Trace the leg you want to measure with the 3d poly tool (if it's a straight leg, your new poly will appear as a straight line in 3space). Activate the Flyover Tool and move the view a bit to confirm that the new is coincident with the leg of the orig poly. Activate the Selection Tool. Select the new 3d polygon and any other object (eg the orig poly). Click in the menu: Edit>Dupe Along a Path. Click the Next button as needed until your new poly is highlighted in red. Length of new poly is shown as path length near bottom of dialog. No need to run the command.

Lame, huh? But it works.


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Ha! brilliant.

Thanks for that ? lovely thinking.

I had been hoping they would've built in something for single-segment polys. Seems logical, because you can build wireframes in space with them that are handy for a bunch of things, shade-tree surveying, project envelopes, on and on.

This function would realize the poly is a single segment, then tell you how long it is. They already know this (the information is there), I'd just like it exposed. Wouldn't that be cool?

Probably a way to write a script for it...

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Maybe I'm banned or something (probably a good idea). I had a followup posted. But it's gone now. Here it is again:

An easier way: Trace the leg with NURBS Curve Tool. Length shows in the OIP. For length of entire poly, select and convert it to NURBS (or convert a duplicate then delete)

Also: I found the Object Properties. They are a choice in the dialog box when you right click an object. I spent too many years with single button Macs to depend much on the right click. Anyway that's a dead end. Properties of a poly do not show length or perimeter.

And, yes - poly length is known in the vector geometry. Strange that it's not readily revealed anywhere - eg OIP.

So wish list it. We put it in every year. More requests may speed up implementation.


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