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Vector Handle Selection



I would like to be able to "activate" any vector along a polyline. Often I will have a polyline with 200 vectors with the one to be modified in the middle. One then needs to "click" all the way to the vector to be modified. By "modified" I mean changing from a 'corner' to an 'arc', etc.

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Thom, As Michael suggests the Reshape Tool covers a multitude of sins, but surely, if you know which point/vector you need to modify, just draw a marquee around the point/points you intend to modify, then only that/those points can be changed.

Saves clicking the arrow in the OIP till you reach the one you are after.

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In VW 2010

The technique works for vertices in both 2d and 3d objects. But the 3d Reshape Tool does not offer the drag marquee option. Use the 2d Reshape Tool- even in views other than Top/Plan. Selected vertices can be moved with the cursor. They stay parallel to the screen plane. OIP numeric control works for marquee selection of a single vertex (use Vertex Only mode in the OIP). If a group of vertices is selected via drag marquee, then changes in values in OIP numeric fields apply to only one vertex in the group.


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-B, i got all of that, but i wasn't aware that Thom was referring to the 3D Reshape tool. . . . . .

This being the case, yep, it's a real pain.

Besides, WHY can't we use a marquee to select more than one point when using the 3D Reshape Tool? What prevents NV from allowing this aspect in the function of this tool?

It really is a serious detraction from the usability of the 3D Reshape(amoungst others).

Why can't it work in exactly the same way and every aspect as the 2D tool?

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