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selection object in background

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I cannot figure out how to select an object in background.


I have a rectangle A in foreground and a smaller rectangle B in background.

A cover entirely B.

If I go over with the mouse where B lays, I see its border in gray with a discontinued line. But I cannot select it.

If I want to have my B in foreground I need to select A and put it in background.

With many object I need to select the hidden object directly.

Any suggestions, please?

Thank you


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Nicola, there are a few ways to do this. Hopefully one will work for you: 1] If the object you wish to select has a specific name (or class, etc) then it can be selected using the Custom Selection command; 2] It can be selected by dragging the cursor/marquee over only itself (see attached); 3] You can temporarily move the object in front to the side, then move it back after; 4] You can temporarily move the object in front to back (use Send to Back command); 5] You can use Layers or Classes to separate objects and allow specific objects or groups (layers, classes) of objects to be visible or not. Hope that helps.

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