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Rendering stops ? black gap in a video


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Hi Forum ? I?m not a VW user ? I?m an IP pro?

My customer (End user) Kristian is working with Vectorworks 2011. The design is a clothing shop and he wants to make a presentation with perhaps 8 camera views. Furthermore the shop design has multiple illumination sources with soft shadows. A typical walk through is 30-40 seconds long and takes 8-12 hours to render. Therefore Kristian starts the rendering at the end of his work day and in the morning he finds a flawed video.

The rendering have stoped somewhere in the process and there is a black gap in the middle of the .MOV video. At the end it sort of resumes its walk through the shop.

Could anyone point me in the right direction about this problem?

What to look for?

What to observe?

I?d also like comments about ?stability of Windows 7 professional 64 bit'

- the computer is pretty much standard setup from HP ? with all the add on software that sometimes intervene all your doings. (I'd rather uninstall all that junk *LOL*)

I have another discussion going about ?Speeding up rendering? Please see


HP Elite 8100 Workstation Specs:


Intel Core i7 870 (Quad-core) @ 2.93 GHz (Turbo boots to 3.6 GHz)

4 cores with Hyper threaded = 8 threads


12 GB DDR3-1333 (PC3-10600)


ATI Radeon 4650 DP 1 GB


Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

- the computer is joined in a Windows domain and connected to the server with gigabit network.

- all files are stores locally


1 x 500 GB S-ATA DISK (For OS and Applications)

2 x 1000 GB S-ATA disks (for local storage of work files etc)

Kind Regards

M Borik Denmark

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I used to have similar issues when batch rendering a bunch of large renders. I concluded that VW was running out of memory during the process.

In your case I wonder if there is some process (windows side) which is interrupting the rendering, as it resumes at the end.

Of course, and this is probably the first thing to check (which I'm sure you already have) but that black spot in the movie is not just the case of the render path moving through some sort of architecture? It might even be a corruption in the path, which would necessitate rebuilding the path. Did you preview the movie in a small (openGL) movie first?

I use windows 7 64 bit and Vista 64 bit all the time. There seem to be no issues with these OS's and VW. I work remotely of an HP laptop (4 corei7, 4 gigs RAM) and am actually impressed with HP's OEMware.

That said, things to check would be system maintenance software, disabling antivirus, anything that would run on a schedule which would interrupt the processing of the renderings. I'm not sure but I bet there's a way to log the process threads on your computer.

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