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Cycling through Classes


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Is there anyone who knows if this is possible?

I use the Command- up-arrow or Down arrow to cycle the active layer, is there a way to do this for classes?

One is, is it implimented already, if so what is the command,

two is if notm is it possible for Nemetschek to assignthis functtionality to something like cmd-rgith and left arrows?


Ion Webster

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Hi Matthew,

I was thinking as mundane a thing as cycling through the Alphabetical list found in the Class Modification Window. There Walls-Int comes after Walls-Ext-Frame and Window-main after that. Instead of the pop down where Wall comes before Window in the main list, and the types of windows and walls are deeper in the main category Wall or Window.

I always thought that there weren't truly Sub categories, rather the hyphen was a key to VW to display then as such in the class pop downs in Obj info and in the Info Bar.

My main use for this tool is to have method of checking objects for proper class association, for example choosing grey other classes, and then cycling through a layer and making sure that someone didn't draw something using the wrong class. Or more importantly in going through a civil drawing to set up a mapping.

So for me anyway, I want it as a rapid way through all the classes, I don't care about the hierarchy. And like I said in my earlier post CMD-Left Arrow and CMD-Right Arrow would be perfect to cycle through an alphabetical list of Classes.

thanks for your attention

Ion Webster

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You can browse through all used classes in your document with a VectorScript. It is very easy. Firstly used NumClass to determine the total amount of classes. Thereafter us something like this :

strName := ClassList(intIndex);

where strName contains the name stored at intIndex position within the Class tree. You can also get other properties of the classes.

In the meantime Nemetschek will add it to VectorWorks, maybe this can help. If you need help coding this, tell me and I will help you.

Friendly greetings,


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I finally got around to doing something about this. What follows is the first working version. I made this a Command, assigned it to a command Key and now I hit that key and the arrows cycle me through the classes. It still needs work, because I don't know where I am in the list, but anyone can add that functionality.

Procedure CycleClasses;VAR NextClass : STRING; X1,Y1,MouseX,MouseY : REAL; ObHd1: HANDLE; KCod,i : INTEGER; BEGIN i := 1; WHILE (KCod <>13) DO BEGIN { - until return is pressed - } IF MouseDown(MouseX,MouseY) THEN SysBeep; { -handles mouse downs- } IF KeyDown(KCod) THEN BEGIN CASE KCod OF

28: BEGIN { - '<-' key - } i := i - 1; IF i < 1 THEN i := ClassNum; END; 29: BEGIN { - '->' key - } i := i + 1; IF i = ClassNum + 1 THEN i := 1; END;

END; { - CASE end - } END; NextClass := ClassList(i); NameClass(NextClass); ReDrawAll;

MESSAGE ('Current Class is ', NextClass);

END; { - WHILE end - } KCod:=0; DoMenuTextByName('Class Options',5);END;Run(CycleClasses);

Thanks for the interest

Ion Webster

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[ 05-17-2002: Message edited by: ionw@mac.com ]

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