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The file save operation failed.


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When opening Vectorworks document from server, making a change, opening the print dialog (selecting to print or cancel), then trying to save the document all our users are getting this message:

"The file save operation failed. please try again, or save to a different location."

We're prompted to select a different location, in which we select the same folder and are able to overwrite the file. Now we are able to change the document, open print dialogs, and save as we please.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Mac OS 10.6.5

Mac OS Server 10.6.5 (File Sharing)

VectorWorks 2010 SP4 (Build 126481)

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I too occasionally have this problem. It doesn't seem to matter if the drawing is set to auto/manually save. I too have been able to navigate back to the server and overwrite the originating file. This issue seems to only occur with VW documents.

Mac OS 10.6.6

Mac OS Server 10.2.9 (AFP file sharing)

VectorWorks 2010 SP4 (Build 126481)

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