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VW2010 Menu Bar Items Grayed Out (Can't select anything)


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I'm having an issue in VW 2010 (Mac) where I copy content from one drawing (content originally created in an earlier version of VW, now converted to VW2010) into a new file and suddenly the Menu Bar items are grayed out (and I can no longer use keyboard shortcuts). I can toggle between open files (a system shortcut), but if I try cmd + Q, then I can't quit out of vectorworks. Clicking on the red dot will prompt the Do you want to save the changes you made in the document ?fill-in-your-name.vwx??

The program effectively becomes unusable until I Force Quit it. Are there any solutions to this problem? I've tried repairing permissions on the mac, but that does not seem to help. I've also tried using default workspace settings with no success.


[img:left]http://www.lunningwende.com/menu_bar-Vectorworks.jpeg[/img] [img:left]http://www.lunningwende.com/menu_bar-file.jpeg[/img]

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Nope. The destination file is a clean, barebones new document (typical/default Vectorworks blank new document).

What I did discover was a door object had a value of zero (0) for the door width. It looks like a door object had been used for its sidelight only instead of just using a window PIO to do the job; deleting the door before copying to the new/blank document solved the problem.

I suspect there are a lot of PIOs (doors, windows, columns, etc.) that do not like having a zero value in critical height/width fields.

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