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No Page Boundaries

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In 2011 on my desktop, I can't see the page boundaries, and the option is greyed on the Page Setup dialogue. Obviously it makes printing sort of a PITA. I can add a sheet border, but I don't always need one (for quick sketches, for example). In any case, I ought to be able to have the page boundary on. Any thoughts?


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Perhaps Keith W was questioning the location of the controller, rather than the need for the on/off option.

One might expect the page boundary to be controlled only from a global command center rather than several places. But there are several anyway:

File>Page Setup>Show Page Boundary

File>Document Settings>Document Setup>Drawing Area>Page Setup

View>Unified View Options

maybe some others

The Unified View setting cannot make the boundary show if it is switched off in the doc prefs.

The doc prefs cannot make the boundary show if unified view is enabled and set to no boundary.

It's kind of conflicting, and one of those artifacts of a complex app with lots to learn and keep track of.

Should we/I wish for a single control point? Does Unified View really need a dedicated control for this?


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So for the record: I just talked with tech support.

Apparently, some video cards have some kind of problem with GDI+ functions, if I understand correctly. I had to turn off GDI+ features on tools/options/vw preferences/display. The sheet layer page boundaries showed up immediately.

The support guy said I might have some problems with transparent objects on printing, which I might or might not ever notice (or remember this relationship), and that it's all due to my video driver/card. This is a little unfortunate because this is my new(ish) desktop with ATI Radeon HD 5770 video card, and he seemed to indicate that the only thorough fix would be a different video card, but since I may never have any problem, I'm not going to worry about it. I haven't played with card drivers or anything yet.

He also said that I could just turn on GDI+ when printing, and then problematic screen effects would be unimportant.

Why am I adding all this detail to a solved problem? So I can search for it here when I forget how I solved it the first time! Oh, and maybe it will help someone else.


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