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2011 vs. 2010 speed

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Hi everyone,

Contemplating an upgrade to 2011 here... in the real-world of 2D light plot drafting, have you seen any speed improvements in 2011?

I'm mostly concerned with refreshing instruments, moving instruments, and display refreshes when panning/zooming around a large light plot. My Mac Pro never shows more than 8% total processor usage (across 8 cores) in VW2010, but refreshing instruments on a large light plot can still take as long as 30 seconds.



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Sorry Paul I don't have an answer to that, but I know it's a database issue. All those lights are connected to a database, and when we move them it seems to take forever for it to update. I know that starting in VW2010 alot of what we see on the screen has been moved off the main CPU processor, and onto the video card GPU. I was hoping that would improve how quickly lighting fixtures refreshed. It did not.

I'm not in a hurry to update to 2011 until it can be proved it's worth the upgrade (and we have 18 licensees here)

Speeding up how fast fixtures refreshed would be a good incentive.

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