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Difficulty with arcs and lines to combine

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more help needed for the novice here please.

I enclose a drawing of a curtain pellet which I composed from arcs and lines. I cannot get it to compose into a polygon which will then extrude without showing the detail of the central arc. It says there are 2 objects and it seems to extrude but is not one complete polygon. It also shows the arc in the centre in some modes. I have greatly enlarged it to see if the points join and I think they do

I would lie to know what I am doing wrong as I have tried "compose" "convert to object" but it remains in bits.

Any help appreciated

Thank you


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If you select the lines defining the surface, and do the menu "Combine Into Surface", and put the paint bucket in the surface area, it will make a closed polygon there. This command works for intersecting lines without connected vertices, too. The duplicate lines in your file and gaps between arcs, though, would make it difficult. Also, there was something wrong with the arc on the far left. When I deleted it and mirrored the one on the right, "Combine Into Surface" worked fine.

Also, When laying out a design like this, I would lengthen and overlap the lines and arc ends, and then use the Connect/Combine tool to make ends meet.

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