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VW2011 - Custom Line Types?


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Could you please post a graphic illustration of what you need? There are a number of ways to express this graphically and seeing exactly what you're after might be helpful in determining the best approach...

Also, it is generally helpful for you to create a signature which lists your OS and VW's versions. Thanks.

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Repetitive Unit Tool works well for straight lines, but has issues with curved path. Path can be edited and repeats follow the edit.

Dupe Along a Path works well for straight and better for curves. But you are left with a bunch of dupes, so use a symbol to dupe and group the dupes. If line needs mods delete the (group of) dupes, edit the path, re run the DAP command.


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A longstanding wish by many that remains unfulfilled. Some country versions do have one though - France and Australia.

The Australian one is a path object and it works but not that well. It is difficult to draw accurately and reshape because of the constant regeneration whilst you are drawing or reshaping.

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