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I'm having a problem where text styles don't stick. In a new, clean file it works fine, but in my templates, they don't stick. I can select text, change the style and the text will change to match the style, but the drop down for text style will revert to , so the text block is not linked to the style.

This effects my template, and all the files created with the template. The template is from VW 2010 via VW 2008. I'm pretty much resigned that I will have to create new template files, but the project files would be a huge pain. Is there a way to trouble shoot this? I have sent a test file to bug submit but got no response.


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I have actual rebuilt the template, but am still having a problem with text styles. If I use them on a sheet layer, they work fine. If I use them on the same sheet layer, inside of a viewport's annotation space, the style doesn't stick. The same is true for text inside of a symbol. No one else is having this problem?

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I'm having the same problem and apparently it is by design (sigh).

My local distributor has been informed of my unhappiness about this but it seems that Nemetschek Vectorworks in the US has to change this behaviour.

It would be really nice if one could e.g. change the font size for a single text object without having to create a new style for it in case e.g. the font gets changed later on.

I have also noticed that it does not import or export text styles from/to AutoCAD dwg files (which is something that would be really useful for compatibility reasons, even if the font itself might change)

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